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17 July 2019
Local Atlanta Organizations to Hold Inaugural Seminar on Women's Financial Empowerment - Girl, Get Your Money

12 March 2019
Emerging Collective Unveils New Art Space in Atlanta with Installation on Police Brutality by Activist Artist Ann Lewis

04 February 2016
Emerging Collective Fuels the Discussion on Global Inequality With Exhibition by Pixacao Artist Cripta Djan of Brazil

24 March 2015
Emerging Collective Celebrates World Water Day With Activist Art Intervention by Brazilian Artist Ronald Duarte

16 OCTober 2014
Emerging Collective Announces Inaugural Exhibition and Kickstarter Campaign With Chinese Dissident Artist Guo Jian

13 May 2014
Emerging Collective Debuts During Art Basel Hong Kong, Announces Forthcoming Immersive Exhibition With Activist Artists